What Happens when You're Drunk & Stoned at the Same Time

What Happens when You’re Drunk & Stoned at the Same Time

Marijuana is one of the most popular drugs for those who drink alcohol. But are there specific benefits or risks when taking them together? What Happens when You’re Drunk & Stoned at the Same Time (with your body and your brain)

Alcohol affects your central nervous system by changing how your neurons communicate. It suppresses the excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate and increases the inhibitory Neurotransmitter Gaba, which causes information flow to become slow, making you feel less, perceive less and remember less.

Weed on the other hand contains THC, which acts on the brains Cannabinoid receptors and causes some neurons in the brain to continually fire, removing their normal refractory period, making your imagination and thoughts magnify.

What Happens when You're Drunk & Stoned at the Same Time

But because both alcohol and weed inhibit Glutamate transmission, a key part of your learning process, their combined use is linked to poor memory.

The study using rats found, that their ability to recognize objects was severely impaired, when they were drunk and high.

Of course consuming both will make you feel lit. The studies show, that even after taking two shots, the THC levels in participants blood plasma doubled, compared to those who were stoned, but consumed a placebo drink meaning alcohol, makes you more high.

Participants also felt the effects of weed more quickly and reported a better high with a better mood and other euphoric effects. Researchers believe, that this is due to vasodilation.

Alcohol causes smooth muscle cells in your arteries to relax, widening of the blood vessels, and an increased blood flow, all of which allows more THC to cross your alveolar Sac, a part of the lung, where gas exchange occurs with the blood. Ultimately the alcohol is increasing THC absorption.

Liver, Ethanols and Weed

Other research has found, that smoking dope may even reduce the damage alcohol death on your liver. When you drink ethanols, metabolized by the enzyme cytochrome P450 2E1.

But after excessive drinking this process causes oxidative stress, making cells in the liver become fatty, known as steatosis.

Cannabidiol (a chemical component of marijuana) was found to inhibit the cycle, that causes this oxidative stress on your liver, protecting it from damage.

But before this becomes your go-to party Duo, consider, that marijuana prevents vomiting. It’s one of the reasons why medical marijuana is prescribed to chemotherapy patients to help with their nausea.

But in the case of alcohol poisoning, vomiting is the body’s way to remove excess alcohol. So being unable to vomit, poses serious health risks.

What Really Happens When You Mix Alcohol and Weed?

In drugs the most frequently used substances include alcohol and weeds. But what happens when they get together?

Sometimes mixing alcohol and weed, which is also known as crossfading, will probably not result in significant health problems. However, there are many variables, including which you first use and how you use them.

If you don’t care, the duo will have two reactions to turn a night of fun into a nauseating night, a spin or a green out.

It is also important to note that the reactions to the same alcohol and weed mix can be very different. The reaction of one person could be very different to yours if you are in a group.

Read more about the possible reactions and what to do if you have a bad reaction.

What Happens when You're Drunk & Stoned at the Same Time

What happens if you drink alcohol before using weed?

Before drinking weeds, weed effects may be stepped up. Alcohol increases the absorption by delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, the major psychoactive ingredient for weeds (THC).

This usually leads to a higher level. While for some people this may be nice, for others it can be green. This refers to a range of uncomfortable, high-grade physical symptoms.

Greening symptoms include:

  • sweating
  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • vomiting

Research disruption

If that happens, you may not need a lot of alcohol to change how you absorb THC.19 participants drank a placebo or small amount of alcohol in a 2015 study. Ten minutes later, they inhaled either a low or a high dose of THC with a vaporizer.

Participants who had alcohol vs. placebo have found significantly higher peak THC levels among researchers. For low and high THC doses this has been the case.

But this study was quite small, and any firm conclusions could hardly be drawn. In addition, a similar (but equally small) 2010 found that alcohol consumption had little impact on the level of THC.

What Happens when You're Drunk & Stoned at the Same Time

What happens when you use weed before drinking?

While some research is carried out on the effects of alcohol consumption before using weeds, the opposite approach is not much in place. There are long and largely unfinished studies.

In a 1992 source for instance, 15 participants were given placebo, a high dose of THC or three times a low dose of THC. A different dose of alcohol, including a placebo, would be ranked as a low dose or high dose on any occasion.

After consuming a high dose of alcohol, weeds appear to slow the rise in blood alcohol levels. But a letter of 1993 to the publisher Trusted Source called this result into question.

If the use of weeds actually slows alcohol absorption, it can also delay drunkenness sensations. This may seem good, but it is difficult to know how impaired you are.

For instance, your blood alcohol levels may be well above legal limits. You can feel you’re good to drive.

In total, What Happens when You’re Drunk & Stoned at the Same Time is a question really good to be educated about since it got great disadvantages.

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