how to roll a joint

How to roll a joint

how to roll a joint 

How much weed is in a joint?

We recommend that you use 1/2 gram of standard cannabis or 1 1/4 size of rolling paper when you get started. This is a good quantity of weeds for a few and will make rolling the joint more doable from the smaller side.

The majority of prerolls you buy in the shop are one full gram, however some come in 2 half gram packets. When you roll well, the papers and full grams can be moved into the king and the smoking circle can be enlarged.

Step-by-step guide on how to roll the perfect joint (with or without a filter)

To help your own craft, we have prepared the easiest way of rolling a traditional cone joint, even for beginners, for a simple seven-step guide. In no time, you are going to roll a perfect joint.

Start with the collection of your rolling supplies:

  • Cannabis strain of your choice
  • Rolling papers
  • Crutch (for the joint crutch or filter)
  • Cannabis grinder
  • Optional: A pen, or a similarly shaped object to help pack the joint

Step 1: Grind the cannabis

how to roll a jointBreak into a shake your cannabis. It should break down easily if your cannabis is well dried. A grinder will keep your hand sticky and therefore stick to the paper.

You can grind the herb by hand, by scissors, or a variety of other breakdown methods, if you have no grinder.

Step 2: Create joint crutch/filter

how to roll a jointMake a crutch, a tip or filter that is also called. You can make a jug of almost anything, but thin card or card are strong go-tos. Many papers also include the packaging of crutch material.

Start by rolling the material to the desired thickness at the finish onto some “accordion” folds. The crutch is not necessary, but it helps prevent the shake, when you smoke, from falling out or into your mouth. It also provides stability in the joint and allows you not to burn your fingertips but to have any bit of cannabis.

Step 3: Fill joint with cannabis

how to roll a jointFill in your paper (if you have made one) with shake and crutch. When the paper is shake to a certain degree, you can start to shape and form a joint with your fingers, which is half a gram to a gram.

A brief note on papers: a wide range of different kinds and tastes are provided for joint papers. Many people prefer hemp paper because it is thin but powerful and burns evenly without affecting your weed’s taste.

Step 4: Pack the joint

how to roll a joint

It’s time to roll it once you load and shape your joint. Click on the paper and roll it back and forth between the fingertips to pack the cannabis in their final cone shape.

Step 5: Roll the joint

how to roll a jointThe quality of your joint can be achieved or broken by that step. Tuck into the roll the unglued side of the paper, roll it up, use the sticky edge to tackle an end of the paper with only a little moisture.

Pro Tip: Start with the crutch side, as the paper rolls around it can guide you.

Once you tack the paper on one side, you can tuck and screw the joint down on the rest of the seam.

Step 6: Finish your joint

how to roll a jointPack the finish of the joint to ensure that it burns evenly. A pen is great, but almost anything can be used.

Some good options when you’re on your way: the tip of your shoelace, your hoodie drawstring or a small bolt. You might want to close the tip with a twist if you don’t plan to spark your joint immediately.

Step 7: Enjoy (and innovate!)

how to roll a joint

Other ways to roll a joint

The rolling of a joint is unlimited. They’re big or little you can roll them. Make yourself creative! Some people even turned a joint into an art by themselves, and turned their cannabis into a unique mix of functional origami.

A further trick to help roll a joint is to use a dollar bill. Just fold a bill of dollars in half and weed it. Roll it back and forth, slip behind it a rolling paper, roll it up, lick it up. Simple poisonous.

Another articulation version that can be tried to roll is a cross seal (two crossed joints in the middle, giving you three ends to light), a pinner (a thin joint), and a L joint or tulip that has additional weeds on the end.

What is your favorite rolling joint method? In the comments below, share your tips and tricks and ensure that others learn the basic knowledge about cannabis!

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