Solid Hash and Liquid Hash

Solid Hash and Liquid Hash

Solid Hash (CBD) also is known as Hash CBD is a retina extracted from cannabis. It’s naturally perfumed by natural terpenes from the best and most aromatic cannabis selections (marijuana strains). It is a 100% legal product containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) less than the legal limit of 0.2%.

Hash, or marijuana oil, can also be known as hashish oil, butane/butane hash/honey oil (BHO), cannabis oil, liquid cannabis, hemp bud oleoresin, wax, or simply a dab is an oleoresin obtained by extraction of marijuana and/or hashish.

Solid Hash and Liquid Hash

From our best varieties of HASHISH, Classic hash extracted from certified varieties, pure dry extracted organic hash, brought to temperatures of 90 degrees is pressed under 12 tons with hydraulic presses there are some pieces of grass given by the processing. Without adding aromas or chemical terpenes it is obtained from the best kiff we can extract. thc 0.5% and cbd 8%


Solid Hash and Liquid Hash

Differences between solid Hash and liquid Hash?

Hi guys! Today I’m gonna explain what hashish is, commonly known as hash and also the differences between solid hash and liquid hash. I’m gonna try and do this without diving too deep into the diverse world of hash production. Hash is a smokable or edible drug originating from Asia and made from cannabis. It’s made out of just regular old weed and typically it contains only weed. It just happens to contain a higher THC concentration than normal weed.

The pot plants have the trichomes growing all over them. When trichomes get removed from the plant usually mechanically, then compressed with pressure they create hash. Hash exists in two main groups:

1.Solid Hash, which is relatively straightforward
2. Liquid Hash, which can get a little more complicated

Solid Hash and Liquid Hash

Solid Hash is more common because it is typically created by compressing trichomes using very simple methods. Solid Hash’s quality is determined by how it’s made and the cannabis strain used. In today’s world, some strain groups are bred specifically for hash production. Solid Hash gets you high in a similar way to weed because it’s made entirely of weed and pressure.

What’s the difference, then? Hash, on the other hand, is more potent per gram. As of the state, regular cannabis has a street potency of around 10% THC, on average.

Solid Hash, on the other hand, has a THC potency of 20 to 60%. When you get into the world of Liquid Hash, also known as Hash Oil, the THC content can reach 90 percent.

When you take things a step further and have Honey Oil, the THC potency can be very close to 100 percent. However, it should be noted that solvents are frequently used in the manufacturing process of liquid forms. That is, the hash contains more than just cannabis.

So, what is it about hash that appeals to people? Some say it’s more potent than cannabis in terms of the high. That is possible. Others enjoy the flavor, or the smell, or the fact that in some countries, the price for high-quality hash can be very low. It all boils down to personal preference.

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